Things to Consider Before Hiring a Office Cleaning Service Company


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One man band’ cleaning companies are becoming increasingly common place with the rise of the internet.  It has become very easy for an individual cleaner to create a website, advertise cheaply all over the web, and take up the appearance of a professional commercial cleaning company while being no more than a single person.  They can often be spotted by their contact details: if they have only a mobile number listed, and just a free easily obtainable email address (e.g., they are most probably just a private individual. While they can often offer cheap prices, we believe there are a number of serious advantages to using a Commercial Cleaning Company. Even though you can do this task on your own, most people agree that it is the best idea to hire commercial cleaning Service. In this way, you will avoid all the problems and hassles related to this activity and you will be able to focus on your office duties.

Look for referrals

Cleaning companies that have many clients are usually good cleaning companies. Do you know a company like this in your area? In case you have not heard about some successful commercial cleaning company, you can use the phonebook or the local newspapers. You can also ask your employees, business partners or friends whether they have experience with some service provider. Finally, you can always rely on the Internet as the ultimate source of information. Use the popular search engines to look for local companies “Office Cleaning Nottingham”. Check for the commercial cleaning companies with the most reviews that will give you a better idea of the service they provide and client experience with the company.  It is very likely that you will find unbiased reviews about the services provided by the company that you are interested in.

Schedule an interview

Never choose the first cleaning company that you find attractive. It is the best idea to create a short list of commercial cleaning services company and schedule interviews with each of them. By doing these interviews, you will find more about the company and you can see whether you like how they are working or not.


While we are talking about packages and offers, don’t forget that almost every company comes with different deals and packages. So, it is very difficult to tell whether some company is expensive or not because it depends on the commercial cleaning services they are offering. Choose a package that will satisfy your requirements and won’t hurt your budget. There are certain services that not every company needs.

Think about the safety

This may sound a little bit unusual to some people, but the cleaning process may lead to physical injuries in case it’s not performed in the right way. This point has two aspects. First of all, the workers they have must be trained and qualified to do this job. Second, they must perform these activities in a way that won’t put the health of your employees at risk.


Although the safety standards are part of the professionalism you should expect, it is also good to consider the overall professionalism of the company. The simplest way to find out more about this aspect is to observe the work of their representatives. For instance, if the employees wear uniforms, this means that the company is planning to stay on this market for a long time. You should also check their website because every professional and serious commercial cleaning services company must have a good-looking website. In addition, true professional usually have business cards, catalogues and flyers that appear professional.

Customer service

There are only a small number of people who are thinking about the customer service when they are looking for a cleaning company. They believe that the task is finished once the contract is signed, but that’s wrong. People who have experience in this field say that you should check their customer service before you sign the deal. Contact them via phone or email and ask some relevant questions. If you get answers fast, it is very likely that they have a good customer service that will respond to your queries even when you have already became their client.


Of course, if you want this activity to go smoothly, you will need to consider your budget before hiring such company. Unfortunately, every business has a limited budget, so think twice before you choose some of the aforementioned packages offered by cleaning companies. Don’t forget that if you don’t have a big budget, your employees can help with some of the routine cleaning tasks. Obviously, it would be better if you can leave all these tasks to professionals. The good news is that there are many affordable commercial cleaning service providers out there.

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License and insurance

Finally, it would best to hire a company that has proper license and a company that offers insurance related to the activities they are performing. There are situations in which their workers can damage some of your belongings and you certainly want to be covered in situations like this.


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