Eco Kitchen Degreaser

Eco Kitchen DegreaserThe Natural Cleaning Power of Seaweed: Sea-Green Eco Kitchen Degreaser

Laminara Digitata to be exact, this species of seaweed contains natural surfactants which emulsify fats, oils and grease, making them easier to break down and clean away. It’s also 100% ecological, user friendly and safe to dispose of in waste water outlets in fact it enhances the natural bio system by adding nutrients and microbes which helps to maintain a healthy system. Amongst its many uses the extracts from this plant have been developed into cleaning products offered by Mum’s Helping Hands

Mum’s Helping Hands Sea-Green Kitchen Degreaser / Cleaner

This is our flagship product developed for use on greasy oily surfaces. It is totally safe to use on any surface and is a like for like replacement for harsh cleaning chemicals, being safe to use around pets and children with no harmful effects. “As a professional cleaning company, we are using this product in our customers’ homes as a replacement for chemical degreasers with fantastic results, in fact it makes our job easier.” As well as a degreaser/kitchen cleaner, it has also been developed in to a BBQ cleaner and a Patio Cleaner which is totally safe to use, the run- off even feeds the surrounding garden area!

For details about this product, please contact Mum’s Helping Hands Ltd. The kitchen degreaser / cleaner is available in 750ml trigger spray bottles for domestic use and 5ltr containers for trade/ commercial use. It’s ideal for: catering establishments, schools, factories, workshops etc.

We can deliver directly to local traders, (minimum order applies). Technical Data Sheet. COSHH Sheets available on request.

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