Maid Service house keepers Nottingham

Our Nottingham maid service possesses more extensive cleaning experience than our regular cleaners.

Maid Service

Our team of maids/ house keepers have complete household management expertise, making them the perfect solution for those less able of keeping their home in an orderly manner. Whether you are less able-bodied, or struggle to find the time to keep your house, our maids are here to help. Each has received extensive training in cleaning and managing a home, and is able to help you with any household tasks that need completing. All work is completed to your specifications.

We will assign you a maid that can work the hours that you require. Whether you’re looking for someone part-time to help out with cleaning over a set number of days, or are looking for someone to work full time, Mum’s Helping Hands’ can find a maid for you.

As part of our maid service, all of our maids will complete the standard tasks fulfilled by our regular domestic cleaning staff including cleaning and polishing of all furniture, appliances and fixtures. You can find a full list of domestic cleaning tasks here.

In addition to these tasks, our maid service includes the following additional services:

  • Preparing meals
  • Purchasing food/household supplies
  • Changing linens/pick up & drop dry cleaning
  • Answering calls and taking messages
  • Walking your dog
  • Flower arranging etc.

Due to the increase of responsibility, the level of experience, and commitment given by our maids, their rates will vary compared to a domestic cleaner. Despite this, the very nature of our tailored service means we can do as little or as much work as required. This also means we can tailor packages to your budget. We at Mum’s Helping Hands don’t believe that you should have to pay extortionate amounts for a professional maid service.

If you’re looking for a quality, affordable, professional maid service in Nottingham or surrounding areas, please don’t hesitate to contact Mum’s Helping Hands for a quote today.