Cleaning Services

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning – Replacing dirty, faded or stained carpets in a home can be an extremely expensive task, and the last thing you’d want to do is spend all that money when it’s not really necessary. Mum’s Helping Hands specialises in carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services in Nottingham.

Dry Cleaning – Dry cleaning is one of the most effective ways to clean clothing, with minimal wear on the fabric. Plenty of modern clothing is dry clean only, and it can be a pain travelling to a dry cleaning shop in time for when you need it ready.

After Builders Cleaning – We provide both domestic and commercial After Builders Cleans in Nottingham and the East Midlands, cleaning anywhere affected by the building work performed. After we’re throughly deep cleaned your property you will see that it is in great condition so you can start to enjoy the results of those many months of suffering.

Window Cleaning – With our window cleaning service our goal is to save you the time consuming and potentially dangerous task of getting to all windows, high and low, and leave them looking as good as new.

End of Tenancy Cleaning – Mum’s Helping Hands works with several estate agent firms and landlords, helping their clients to minimise the turnaround time between tenants and hence maximise the revenue return from the property. As with our Domestic service we are able to provide both Estate Agents and Landlords with confidence in what we can provide.

Property Maintenance – At Mum’s Helping Hands we make sure to respond swifly when necessary, do regular checks to help catch problems before they occur, and sort out any little jobs that need doing.

Communal Area Cleaning – As part of our commercial cleaning services, we provide comprehensive contract regular cleaning and one-off cleaning of communal areas in many buildings within Nottingham. We hold contracts with a number of many property management companies taking care of residential and commercial buildings.

Maid Service – Our maid service possesses more extensive cleaning experience than our regular cleaners. They have complete household management expertise which makes them capable of keeping your home in an orderly manner. The maids we assign to you can either work for a set number of days or full time hours.

Mattress Cleaning – The dust mite gathers where there is warmth, moisture, and a good supply of their food, skin flakes. This makes the average mattress an absolutely perfect environment for them to live and breed in. At Mum’s Helping Hands we provide a mattress cleaning service, in order to remove what could be anything between 100,000 and 10 million mites from your mattress.