Commercial and Office Cleaning Nottingham

At Mum’s Helping Hands we pride ourselves on being an innovative commercial and office cleaning company in the Nottinghamshire area. 

A large proportion of our lives is spent at the workplace, no matter what we do. If it’s a big office, a restaurant, or even if you work from home, the environment we spend our time in makes a large impact on how we feel and can affect our work a great deal.

We believe it’s important to work in a tidy, organised yet relaxing office, in order to make life easier and increase productivity, while simply making the day more pleasant for workers. It can be difficult to maintain any kind of enthusiasm when working in a cluttered or dirty office environment, and this can take the joy out of any job so let us take those  cleaning jobs off your hands and help you keep a clean working commercial environment.  

Commercial and office Cleaning

Commercial and Office Cleaning 

Mum’s Helping Hands have experience in commercial cleaning in premises such as dental practices, deli bars, offices and communal areas in houses and accommodation, offices and blocks of flats. Our service can be as regular you like, whether daily, monthly or anything inbetween, we’ll keep your premises to the standard you want.  We take our time when it’s needed, and pay special attention to detail, being as efficient as possible yet never rushing. We have the knowledge and experience to get every task done – our management service makes sure your commercial premises are kept to a high standard of quality and hygiene.

Our 3 step management service:

  1. A checklist is developed by MHH cleaning service management to communicate with the client’s needs and expectations to your allocated cleaner.
  2. The Quality Assurance Report is a monthly inspection used by management to review the quality of cleaning at your property is kept to a high standard.
  3. Our management process is supported with the use of Colour Coding to prevent cross contamination as equipment used in each area does not transfer germs. 

Our standard office cleaning tasks, click here. Remember this list can be tailored to your specifications.

In addition to daily office and commercial cleaning, our services can include carpet cleaningwindow cleaning, floor treatment, washroom services and janitorial supplies if you require any of these extra service please let us know so we can add it in to your quotation.

Under the SAFEcontractor system, Mum’s Helping Hands Cleaning Company undergoes a vetting process, which examines our health and safety procedures, our risk assessment and our track record for safe methods of working. This accreditation is renewed annually by following a strict audit. Mum’s Helping Hands Cleaning Company has achieved SAFEcontractor certification status reaching the SAFEcontractor Health & Safety standards.

commercial cleaning - Safety Contractor and SSIP Accreditation

If you have any questions then our FAQ may have the answer, if you can’t find what you’re looking for there then don’t hesitate to contact us.