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Welcome to Mum’s professional Ironing Service in Nottingham

Doing the laundry and ironing is a task that takes up plenty of our time, but is unfortunately very necessary for most people. By the end of the week that laundry basket can look very daunting, so Mum’s Helping Hands would like to take this off your mind and leave you with the time to do things more important to you. In order to do this we offer ironing and laundry services in Nottingham at competitive rates, including a pick up and delivery service.

ironing service in nottinghamWe can do this for you in your house as a part of a regular domestic cleaning package, or come and pick it up from you ourselves. We’ll wash and iron your clothes and linen, and then deliver it back to you whenever you like within 48 hours. You’ll never have to worry about the laundry or ironing again.

Our standard price for ironing is £3.50 per kg, though we understand that can be difficult to visualize. A kg of ironing is around 6 t-shirts, or 3 pairs of trousers, so a full load won’t work out to be very expensive. Collared shirts are priced separately at 90p each. We can also provide a Dry Cleaning Service that we can combine with the ironing service.

This means that this simple load of two t-shirts and two pairs of trousers would cost roughly £3.50.

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