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Domestic Cleaning Nottingham. Is it time you used a professional cleaning service?

Top five benefits for choosing domestic cleaning Nottingham.

In today’s society we are all busy people and it seems everyone is time poor. There just seems to be so much to do. And that is usually after two school runs, a full working day, a supermarket shop and a fitness class…if you have the energy to get there. So what if domestic cleaning Nottingham could give you some of your time back?

Choosing a professional cleaning service comes with a number of benefits, here are our top five.

Number 1 – Time!

As mentioned above, this is perhaps the biggest benefit of engaging a domestic cleaning service. Imagine a world where the dusting, hoovering and mopping takes care of itself. The hours gained can be spent with family, friends or even getting to grips with a whole new hobby! It’s your time and you can have it back!

Number 2 – Tidy House, Tidy Mind!

Having an organised home with everything in place can help you live easier. When your professional or social life become too hectic, chaos can result. Using domestic cleaning Nottingham ensure that your home is regularly being maintained. This means no build up of dishes, dirt, grease and grime.

Number 3  – The Unexpected Guest….

Hiring domestic cleaning Nottingham means you eliminate the worry of the unexpected guest. Every household has experienced it! The doorbell rings and the panic sets in. Should you answer, or simply hide behind the piles of dishes and washing that is continually growing? A domestic cleaning service means this problem will be a problem no more.

Number 4 – Germ Free Bathrooms

A regular domestic cleaning service means that your bathroom can easily be kept free from mold, fungi or even viruses. You don’t need to worry abut whether you need a different product for the shower or the work surfaces, as your cleaner will sort this out for you. This leaves you to enjoy a cleaner bathroom for longer and for those that worry about germs- peace of mind!

Number 5Don’t let the bed bugs bite?

Does anyone in your house suffer from dust allergies? Domestic cleaning services use powerful vacuum cleaners which help to rid your carpets and soft furnishings of unwanted microscopic dust particles. This promotes a cleaner and healthier living environment.

Domestic Cleaning Nottingham! Why do it yourself?

Office Cleaning Nottingham!

Are you looking for office cleaning Nottingham! Top Things To Consider!

If you are looking to engage the services of office cleaning Nottingham, then you need to ensure you are employing a highly professional and reliable service. Clean offices are important, not only for the comfort of your employees but also to project the correct image to any potential clients who may visit. Check out our top tips to consider.

Is this a professional company?

You need to ensure that the company you decide to work with take a professional approach. Ad-verts for cleaners who may only be contacted via email of gmail type addresses, are often working as individual cleaners. And whilst everyone loves an entrepreneur, the service needs to be reliable and trustworthy.

Get a referral!

Check out the businesses nearby and ask which office cleaning service they are using. Would they recommend the company? If you are working in a more remote location then you can look at re-views online to make sure you find a good service.

Meet Face to Face

Before you book your office cleaning Nottingham, arrange to meet the company face to face. You would never employ someone to work for your company without an interview, so adhere to this process when looking for your cleaning solution. Think about what is important for the company and prepare some questions. For example, how early or late can they clean? What makes them different to their competition?

Do they have good customer service?

Check this out before signing any contracts. You need a flexible cleaning service who will be able to adapt to the changing needs of your business. Check the customer service offered by seeing how easy it is to contact the company and how quickly they give answers to your questions.


The old saying about getting what you pay for is usually true! Before searching for your office cleaning Nottingham, consider your budget and how much you are prepared to spend. Think about which duties the cleaning company will be responsible for and if there are any tasks which can be done in-house.

Ironing service

Dry Cleaning

We have changed the way we offer ironing service. We can now provide this service within your domestic house clean. Providing you add an additional hour or two depending on the load. Giving you more time to spend quality time what you like doing.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Office Cleaning Service Company


Commercial office cleaners Nottingham

One man band’ cleaning companies are becoming increasingly common place with the rise of the internet.  It has become very easy for an individual cleaner to create a website, advertise cheaply all over the web, and take up the appearance of a professional commercial cleaning company while being no more than a single person.  They can often be spotted by their contact details: if they have only a mobile number listed, and just a free easily obtainable email address (e.g., they are most probably just a private individual. While they can often offer cheap prices, we believe there are a number of serious advantages to using a Commercial Cleaning Company. Even though you can do this task on your own, most people agree that it is the best idea to hire commercial cleaning Service. In this way, you will avoid all the problems and hassles related to this activity and you will be able to focus on your office duties.

Look for referrals

Cleaning companies that have many clients are usually good cleaning companies. Do you know a company like this in your area? In case you have not heard about some successful commercial cleaning company, you can use the phonebook or the local newspapers. You can also ask your employees, business partners or friends whether they have experience with some service provider. Finally, you can always rely on the Internet as the ultimate source of information. Use the popular search engines to look for local companies “Office Cleaning Nottingham”. Check for the commercial cleaning companies with the most reviews that will give you a better idea of the service they provide and client experience with the company.  It is very likely that you will find unbiased reviews about the services provided by the company that you are interested in.

Schedule an interview

Never choose the first cleaning company that you find attractive. It is the best idea to create a short list of commercial cleaning services company and schedule interviews with each of them. By doing these interviews, you will find more about the company and you can see whether you like how they are working or not.


While we are talking about packages and offers, don’t forget that almost every company comes with different deals and packages. So, it is very difficult to tell whether some company is expensive or not because it depends on the commercial cleaning services they are offering. Choose a package that will satisfy your requirements and won’t hurt your budget. There are certain services that not every company needs.

Think about the safety

This may sound a little bit unusual to some people, but the cleaning process may lead to physical injuries in case it’s not performed in the right way. This point has two aspects. First of all, the workers they have must be trained and qualified to do this job. Second, they must perform these activities in a way that won’t put the health of your employees at risk.


Although the safety standards are part of the professionalism you should expect, it is also good to consider the overall professionalism of the company. The simplest way to find out more about this aspect is to observe the work of their representatives. For instance, if the employees wear uniforms, this means that the company is planning to stay on this market for a long time. You should also check their website because every professional and serious commercial cleaning services company must have a good-looking website. In addition, true professional usually have business cards, catalogues and flyers that appear professional.

Customer service

There are only a small number of people who are thinking about the customer service when they are looking for a cleaning company. They believe that the task is finished once the contract is signed, but that’s wrong. People who have experience in this field say that you should check their customer service before you sign the deal. Contact them via phone or email and ask some relevant questions. If you get answers fast, it is very likely that they have a good customer service that will respond to your queries even when you have already became their client.


Of course, if you want this activity to go smoothly, you will need to consider your budget before hiring such company. Unfortunately, every business has a limited budget, so think twice before you choose some of the aforementioned packages offered by cleaning companies. Don’t forget that if you don’t have a big budget, your employees can help with some of the routine cleaning tasks. Obviously, it would be better if you can leave all these tasks to professionals. The good news is that there are many affordable commercial cleaning service providers out there.

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License and insurance

Finally, it would best to hire a company that has proper license and a company that offers insurance related to the activities they are performing. There are situations in which their workers can damage some of your belongings and you certainly want to be covered in situations like this.


For the professionalism, security, trust, and reliable service that we can offer give Mum’s a Call: 01159420028

Things to consider before hiring a cleaning company:   

Domestic Cleaning

‘One man band’ cleaning companies are becoming increasingly common place with the rise of the internet.  It has become very easy for an individual cleaner to create a website, advertise cheaply all over the web, and take up the appearance of a professional company while being no more than a single person.  They can often be spotted by their contact details: if they have only a mobile number listed, and just a free easily obtainable email address (e.g., they are most probably just a private individual. While they can often offer cheap prices, we believe there are a number of serious advantages to using a professional domistic cleaning company such as ourselves over cases such as these.

  • Trust: At the end of the day you are letting a stranger into your home, and sometimes even entrusting them with your house keys. It’s therefore vitally important for your safety and peace of mind that you can trust them.  All of our employees are carefully selected to be trustworthy individuals, references are checked. Each cleaners are put on a trial clean then trained to Mum’s Helping Hands high standards. These precautions can be very difficult to take when hiring private cleaners, many do not have DBS, and checking numerous references for each cleaner could be very time consuming. Our insurance includes a key holding policy to cover accidental loss and customer keys are kept in a locked safe. These are features that individual cleaners often simply can’t offer due to cost and practicality.
  • Reliability: In the event of a private cleaner falling ill or going on holiday, you would normally have to make do without any cleaning for that period. You don’t have to worry about any of that with Mum’s, as we can arrange cover at a moment’s notice.
  • Personal Service: Some people see advantages in hiring a private individual, such as building a good working relationship, and having someone get to know their property and how they like it cleaned. At Mum’s Helping Hands we are sure to provide you with these advantages despite being a bigger company. We always ensure the same cleaner is kept to the same customer as far as we possibly can, so that the relationship and experience will still be built.
  • Customer Service: It’s simply our experience that customers tend to prefer being able to talk with a higher level of management if when needs be, rather than always deal directly with the cleaner themselves. The fact that we have a central office means there’s someone there to answer your call and deal with your query regardless of what your cleaner is doing.
  • Flexibility: Rather than having to work around an individual’s busy schedule, we have a large number of cleaners on our books, meaning you should have a good deal more flexibility when booking your appointments with the cleaning company.
  • Health and Safety: our health and safety is renewed annually by following a strict audit. Mum’s Helping Hands Cleaning Company has achieved SAFEcontractor certification status reaching the SAFEcontractor Health & Safety standards. This is something that individual cleaners often tend not to bother with as they see it as only having themselves to worry about. However, if an uninsured cleaner injures themselves in your home it could be you that’s liable!
  • Insurance: We have extensive public and employers liability insurance up to £1,000,000 and £10,000,000 respectively, so any mishaps that may occur in the home are fully covered. This ensures you never have to risk paying out yourself for any damage an uninsured cleaner could do.

Customers can often be attracted to the lower prices of private cleaners, but we feel that the reasons above are more than enough to justify paying that little bit more for the professionalism, security, trust, and reliable service that we can offer “Call Mum’s 01159420028”