Things to consider before hiring a cleaning company:   

Domestic Cleaning

‘One man band’ cleaning companies are becoming increasingly common place with the rise of the internet.  It has become very easy for an individual cleaner to create a website, advertise cheaply all over the web, and take up the appearance of a professional company while being no more than a single person.  They can often be spotted by their contact details: if they have only a mobile number listed, and just a free easily obtainable email address (e.g., they are most probably just a private individual. While they can often offer cheap prices, we believe there are a number of serious advantages to using a professional domistic cleaning company such as ourselves over cases such as these.

  • Trust: At the end of the day you are letting a stranger into your home, and sometimes even entrusting them with your house keys. It’s therefore vitally important for your safety and peace of mind that you can trust them.  All of our employees are carefully selected to be trustworthy individuals, references are checked. Each cleaners are put on a trial clean then trained to Mum’s Helping Hands high standards. These precautions can be very difficult to take when hiring private cleaners, many do not have DBS, and checking numerous references for each cleaner could be very time consuming. Our insurance includes a key holding policy to cover accidental loss and customer keys are kept in a locked safe. These are features that individual cleaners often simply can’t offer due to cost and practicality.
  • Reliability: In the event of a private cleaner falling ill or going on holiday, you would normally have to make do without any cleaning for that period. You don’t have to worry about any of that with Mum’s, as we can arrange cover at a moment’s notice.
  • Personal Service: Some people see advantages in hiring a private individual, such as building a good working relationship, and having someone get to know their property and how they like it cleaned. At Mum’s Helping Hands we are sure to provide you with these advantages despite being a bigger company. We always ensure the same cleaner is kept to the same customer as far as we possibly can, so that the relationship and experience will still be built.
  • Customer Service: It’s simply our experience that customers tend to prefer being able to talk with a higher level of management if when needs be, rather than always deal directly with the cleaner themselves. The fact that we have a central office means there’s someone there to answer your call and deal with your query regardless of what your cleaner is doing.
  • Flexibility: Rather than having to work around an individual’s busy schedule, we have a large number of cleaners on our books, meaning you should have a good deal more flexibility when booking your appointments with the cleaning company.
  • Health and Safety: our health and safety is renewed annually by following a strict audit. Mum’s Helping Hands Cleaning Company has achieved SAFEcontractor certification status reaching the SAFEcontractor Health & Safety standards. This is something that individual cleaners often tend not to bother with as they see it as only having themselves to worry about. However, if an uninsured cleaner injures themselves in your home it could be you that’s liable!
  • Insurance: We have extensive public and employers liability insurance up to £1,000,000 and £10,000,000 respectively, so any mishaps that may occur in the home are fully covered. This ensures you never have to risk paying out yourself for any damage an uninsured cleaner could do.

Customers can often be attracted to the lower prices of private cleaners, but we feel that the reasons above are more than enough to justify paying that little bit more for the professionalism, security, trust, and reliable service that we can offer “Call Mum’s 01159420028”