Student House Cleaning for Landlady in Lenton, Nottingham

I’m a landlady in Lenton with a number of houses for students from the university. Most of them leave the houses in a bit of a mess, nothing too difficult for me to handle, but this year one was left in absolutely disgusting condition. It looked like it was straight out of How Clean Is Your House. There was no way I could dream of dealing with this by myself as usual so I decided to get in a cleaning company for a bit of help. I had a number of different companies come out to give quotes (would have called Kim and Aggie if I could), and Mum’s Helping Hands seemed the most professional by far. After booking in with them I was a little cautious when I noticed a highly negative review here on Google, but the strength of the other reviews convinced me to stick with them and I’m glad I did.On the day they turned up 10 minutes early with three cleaners, all of the equipment they’d need, and the manager who provided me with the quote also attended to brief the staff to ensure everything ran smoothly. I was shocked when I was telephoned to tell me to come down to the property just five hours later, and upon entry the whole place was spotless, even the lingering smell had gone. I could have let the next years students move in right there and then, and I have my suspicions that they removed and replaced the oven because there’s no way that it could have been cleaned to that condition after how the last year’s lot had left it.Unfortunately that was the last of my houses that I dealt with this year, but next year I’ll be using this company for all seven of them. It seems foolish not to with how easy they made what is usually an annual ordeal for me.I am sorry to read the negative review but my experience with this company was nothing like that and it seems very hard to believe. I am definately going to use this company again and will be recommending them. In fact I’ve told my sister all about it and she’s now using them to come in once a fortnight to clean the communal areas of a student property she owns here. This is her first year letting, and I think she might have got a bit scared of how it might end up after seeing some photos I took before Mum’s Helping Hands worked their magic