Is a House Cleaning Service Worth the money?

Is a House Cleaning Service Worth  the money?

This past weekend we did something we’ve never had done before – we had a house cleaning service come! What made us decide to let some strangers come into our home to scrub our toilets and such? I’ll tell you…
We’ve always taken care of the home ourselves. For most of the time, that meant cleaning an apartment. Back in July we bought our first home. For the Summer we were good at keeping up with the chores, since my wife and I were both home to do the work or watch the kids while the other did the chores.
But since the Fall, when my wife went back to work (she works in education so she works during the school year), we’ve found it harder to keep up with keeping the place clean.
Not that it was a pig-sty, mind you. I’m not talking an episode of Hoarders here. But little things like dusting all over and cleaning behind and under everything were getting tough to complete. We were starting to notice some dust bunny’s in the corners even.

We needed to do something.

We could have worked harder to clean up the house. But cleaning takes two things: Time and Energy. Those are a rare commodity in our household. With three kids we’re running around making sure they are taken care of. And really, the last thing my wife wants to worry about is cleaning when she comes home from work. Me, I’m watching the kids all day. Out little one, 21 months, is a handful and I can’t leave her alone to go scrub the shower stall. I try to get what little things I can but it’s tough. And most days we’re out doing some errand or I’m taking the kids to a class or the park.
I could spend more time cleaning or work on this growing business I have.
We have the weekends, but to take time out of the weekend is precious time to unwind and spend with the family.
Again, it’s not that we don’t clean up at all. It’s just that we don’t have the time and energy to really give the house the scrubbing it needs.

So we had a cleaning company come.

The first cleaning the company does is a giant cleaning where they really scour every inch of the house. They started with a team of two and by the end of the job they had about 6 people cleaning (the others came off other jobs).

They did everything! From under the beds to cleaning under the books on the shelf to the oven to the bathroom ceiling, they did it all.
And they did an awesome job!
Mind you, it took them about 4 and a half hours to complete. Think about that. If it took a team of people that long to do the job, and this is their work mind you, how long would it have taken for us to do?!? You can see why we wanted this.
My wife and I were very happy with the service the company provided. The house looks great.
It’s funny how all the little things add up. What I mean is, it actually feels like a weight has been taken off of our shoulders with the house cleaned from top to bottom. A little bit of stress has been relieved in that cleaning everything is one less thing we need to worry about and plan for.

Is a cleaning service for everyone?

It really depends on you situation. If you have the time to keep up on everything then you can save yourself money by taking care of it yourself. You also have to consider the size of your home. Like I said earlier, our house is larger than our past apartments so it’s been more difficult to keep up.
You also have to have the money to have it done. I’m not going to lie and say it doesn’t kill us to have to pay for the service. You don’t need to be rich to have a cleaning service come either. But if you are carrying credit card debt then your money, right now, can probably be put to better use.
Another note on money. As the cleaning team was here, I stayed home to keep an eye on things. My wife took the kids out and visited a friend, both to keep the kids occupied and keep them away from the cleaning supplies, smells, and dust. While the crew was working I was able to get a LOT done online. My point here is time is money.

Yes, the cleaning crew cost us but at the same time I was able to work on building my business. Used wisely, the time you get back by having a cleaning service come can be well worth what you pay.

We are very happy with the work.

If you couldn’t tell from the tone so far, we are very happy with the work that was done. We plan to have the service come back once a month to do a cleaning. Of course we still have to clean around the house, but we only have to maintain the cleaning that was done already. The monthly cleaning, the service will do, won’t cost us as much as the big Spring cleaning they did. This is still an experiment for us so we’ll see how it goes.
For us, the money spent was well worth it.

Have you used a cleaning service? What are your thoughts?