4 Top Tips to Maximise the Price of your Property

maximise price of your property with cleaning - mum's helping hands

4 top tips to maximise the price of your property

Is your property for sale? If so, you’ll no doubt be making every effort to maximise the value of your home. In theory this sounds like a great idea, but how do you actually do this? Worry no more, these tips will give you a perfect starting platform to squeeze every last penny from your sale.

Make a lasting first impression

Don’t be fooled, first impressions are massively important when it comes to persuading buyers to part company with their hard-earned money. An unattractive exterior is likely to put off potential investors before they’ve even set foot through the door. You can add to the value of a house by improving its exterior, with such methods including:

• Repainting anything that is likely to catch immediate attention, including doors, windows, bricks and walls

• Replacing damaged features such as old garage doors, windows and cracked or broken cladding

Fix even the smallest of defects

Whilst small defects might not appear important to the value of a property, a collection of ugly features can prevent it from selling at its optimum price. Any DIY enthusiast can fix many of these issues. Such defects include:

• Broken door latches

• Smelly sewers

• Dripping taps

• Shoddy paint work

• Mouldy sealant in both the kitchen and the bathroom/s

• Sticking doors and windows

The market will always look favourably upon an attractively decorated and styled property. Whilst it’s impossible to estimate the exact increase in value due to cosmetic improvements, it is likely to add on around 5-10% to the overall value of a property.

Garden makeover or garden maintenance?

There are two ways in which you can tackle this one. Conduct a complete restructure of your garden, or simply carry out the basics if you’re working towards a tighter budget.

The garden can be a wonderful place for celebration, relaxation and so much more, so it really deserves some attention. Add value to your property by ensuring it is attractive, tidy and impressively designed. Consider adding fences and trees to create a feeling of privacy and seclusion. Create specific areas for those celebrations, social gatherings and times for relaxation. Actions such as these will build the perception of useable living space within the garden which is likely to add value.

If restructuring the garden isn’t an option, ensure it is well maintained. This includes carrying out the basics, such as removing litter or dead plants, weeding, lawn cutting, repairing the lawn to leave a healthy green glow, cutting back shrubs and trees that have become overgrown, and adding a bit of colour and interest with carefully selected plants.

Thorough domestic clean

Before even contemplating having potential buyers round for viewings, ensure the whole house has been cleaned from top to bottom. A dirty and untidy house will no doubt put off any potential buyers, so this last step is vitally important. We’re all aware that cleaning can be a monotonous and soul-destroying task but think of the long-term goal; this is a small sacrifice that will allow you to buy your new dream home. If cleaning really isn’t your thing, luckily there are wonderful people who will take on these cleaning jobs for you!