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Trustworthy cleaners – Fatemah, Mapperly Park

I am a PhD student who lived in the UK since 2009. I have been looking for a trustworthy cleaners and have tried many over the last three years. However, I have not felt satisfied until I found this service online and had my house cleaned on a weekly basis with them. Every Thursday, I come back home after a hectic day in my office to find everything shining and tidy. Anca is an incredible dedicated lady who does her job professionally and impresses me me every week with her dedication. I have recommended this company to all my friends who work or study and need some help and peace of mind. Thank you Mums Helping Hands and Thank you Anca, you changed my life and provided the best cleaning service I have been always looking for.

Fatemah, Mapperly Park

Mum’s Helping Hands stretch a long way!

Here’s a new testimonial from a customer we’ve recently worked for:

Mum’s Helping Hands stretch a long way! Living in Kent, I needed a trustworthy organisation that could carry out a deep clean on the Gedling home of a relative who had been admitted to Hospital in an emergency six weeks previously. Following some adaptation to the house and with little notice of the hospital discharge, there was less than 24 hours in which to organise and undertake this challenging cleaning task. From my first phone call Mum’s demonstrated that they posessed the necessary specialist expertise and acted in an extremely professional way to ensure that the clean was completed in time for the relatives return home. I am most grateful for their help and support.

Allergy Friendly Apartment Clean at Cranbrook House

We have now performed out treatment on an apartment at Cranbrook House in Nottingham, here’s what they had to say:

“I am delighted with the service and professionalism of Mum’s Helping Hands. The treatment was carried out quickly but thoroughly at a time that was convenient for us. As Serviced Apartment providers, we are very aware of the issues and concerns our guests may have regarding hygiene and cleanliness in general. It is nice to be able to reassure them that we take their concerns seriously and are striving to deliver a quality service and product that meets these demands. This innovative service certainly helps us to delivers that. Thank you Mum’s Helping Hands.”

New House Cleaning Testimonial

Here’s a new testimonial we’ve recieved from a long term domestic cleaning client:

I would just like to say that Mum’s Helping Hands are a fantastic agency. I have used them for domestic cleaning while I have been very busy and have found them to be extremely reliable, efficient, and very pleasant to deal with. Thanks!

Testimonial from NUNU, Nursery Cleaning

NUNU Nursery in Nottingham used our services to create an allergy friendly room for their children. They left us this testimonial:

“Recently Mum’s Helping Hands came to our nursery to fully sanitise our Baby Room, and we’re very thankful that they did. They were very friendly people, very professional while working, and they did an awful lot for us. This included cleaning carpets, mattresses, and even our stuffed toys which the kids play with all the time. They used a number of different methods for cleaning that I hadn’t seen before, had some very fancy equipment, and they certainly knew what they were doing.

I had heard of a friend having improvements in their allergies after having had their mattress professionally cleaned, and so we were especially interested in how getting rid of the dust mites can help any children with asthma or eczema. They were very thorough and seemed to go over every inch of anywhere they thought the mites might be hiding.

I’m very happy with what they’ve done for us, so I think we’ll definitely be having this special kind of cleaning again done in the future. As well as knowing everything is a lot more hygienic for our children, everything simply smells fresher too. Now I feel a lot more confident that we can provide a clean and hygienic environment for the kids to spend their time in, and we’re glad to be able to say we have a room that’s “hypoallergenic”.