Extra safety precautions during coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

The government’s latest safety guidelines specifically confirm that home cleaning can continue, alongside other in-home services including childcare.

What are we doing?

We want to inform you of the actions we are taking as a business to protect our cleaners and our clients as far as possible during the COVID-19 outbreak. You will, of course, know the government have ordered people to stay at home wherever possible but with a few exceptions. On the other hand, we don’t need to point out that a clean house is even more essential during these times.

The most important point is that cleans must be skipped if our cleaner or customer has coronavirus symptoms, or is in a vulnerable group. Customers have the option to continue paying for their cleans in the event they or their cleaner needs to skip cleans. If everybody is well, cleaner can travel to & clean customer’s homes, with some additional safety precautions.

Safety guidelines for Mum’ Helping Hands workers and customers

  1. Cleaners should book time off & not attend cleans if anybody in their home has coronavirus symptoms or is in a vulnerable group
  2. Customers should skip cleans or pause their account if anybody in their home has coronavirus symptoms or is in a vulnerable group
  3. MHH staff will notify customers in advance of their cleaners arrival via email
  4. Customers should stay in another room while their cleaner is working and maintain social distancing of 2 meters at all times
  5. MHH cleaners should thoroughly wash their hands with warm water & soap for 20 seconds, before, during and after their cleans
  6. Where no handwashing facilities are available, cleaners should use hand sanitiser, which we have provided for them they should have at all times
  7. MHH cleaners should remove shoes, or wear shoe covers when at cleans (which we’re offering cleaners free)
  8. MHH cleaners should use disposable or machine washable gloves (which we’re also offering cleaners free)
  9. MHH cleaners should open windows where possible and turn on extractor fans for ventilation
  10. MHH cleaners should use warm water (not hot or cold) when cleaning surfaces and mopping floors, to maximise the effectiveness of cleaning products
  11. MHH cleaners should pay extra attention to ‘high-touch’ areas, such as; door and cupboard handles, light switches, TV remotes, tables, countertops. These surfaces should be cleaned using regular products, then disinfected using a product that ‘kills 99.9% of germs’ such as Dettol Antibacterial Surface Cleaner Spray
  12. MHH cleaners should avoid shaking dirty laundry & soft furnishings such as bath mats and rugs
  13. MHH cleaners and customers should wash cleaning cloths and mop covers at a high temperature (60C+) after every use