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Rob Delarue

I heard about Mum’s Helping Hands Ironing service from several friends of mine who highly recommended your service. You did a great job on all my ironing thanks. Please make sure you tell the cleaning lady how pleased I was with her cleaning also.

Kate Pennant

Great service and professional too, it’s nice to see a company that still keeps good relationships with customers and has strong values. Patrick is always so friendly when he comes to drop off our freshly done clothing. They always make my huge amount of ironing vanish!


I had a lot of trouble sleeping, my asthma kept on flaring up in the night, it got to be quite a big issue. Now that I have my mattress and carpets cleaned for dust mites every few months by Mum’s Helping Hands, I rarely have any problems.

Keith Knowles

I have been using Mum’s Helping Hands Cleaning Service for several of months now as part of my business of turning around rental properties to new tenants. I have found them and their team to be professional and ready to accommodate, even on short notice. Their service has been exemplary and I would highly recommend their service to anyone.

Cindy Melbourne

I have been looking for a trustworthy cleaner in my area for some time now. I found Mum’s Helping Hands, and found that the staff are professional and very helpful. I fell ill sometime ago and was unable to pick my daughter from school, luckily they had there own taxi company, Mum’s Cars which has helped me tremendously.