List of Office Cleaning Tasks

Here’s the list of our standard office cleaning tasks, but remember, we are happy to tailor what we do to meet the needs of your office, just discuss it with one of our representatives.

Reception Cleaning

  • Vacuum carpet
  • Reception counter dust and fingerprint free
  • Artwork dusted and glass cleaned
  • Phones and computers wiped down
  • Tabletops dusted and polished
  • Magazines organised
  • Rubbish emptied

Offices/Cubicles Cleaning

  • Desks dusted
  • Carpets Cleaned and vacuumed
  • Filing cabinets wiped down
  • Window sills wiped down
  • Phones and Computers wiped down
  • Door glass cleaned
  • Bookcases/book spines dusted
  • Light fixtures dusted or wiped down
  • Rubbish emptied

Washrooms Cleaning

  • Sink, fixtures and toilets cleaned and sanitised
  • Mirrors polished
  • Counter tops cleaned and sanitised
  • Soap and towel dispensers wiped down
  • Floors mopped
  • Rubbish emptied

Kitchen/Break Room Cleaning

  • Sink, fixtures and countertops wiped down and sanitised
  • Stove top and refrigerator wiped down
  • Microwave wiped down
  • Cabinets dusted or wiped
  • Wall outlets wiped and sanitised
  • Tables, benches and chairs wiped down
  • Rubbish emptied