Home Protection

Home Protection Services

We want our clients to feel safe in their home.

We realise that, as an adult living independently, you want to know exactly who is entering your property.

That’s why Mum’s Helping Hands has teamed up with a supplier to provide and install and take you through a full demonstration of a camera doorbell which will provide the safety you require.

The small device comprises of two parts – one static doorbell which films visitors, and one handheld console which allows users to see all their visitors and either allow or decline their access. This digital system gives clear video pictures on a 2.4” colour screen, as well as having the ability for night vision – you can see who ever is at your door at whatever time they call. The doorbell is water resistant and takes pictures of the last 20 visitors so you will even know who has called whilst you are out. The indoor unit is easy to recharge, so you can have it handy all the time.

home protection

Our installation process includes:

  1. Site assessment by our experienced fitter for optimum placement of the door bell system;
  2. Professional installation of the door bell system;
  3. Setting up and configuring the system by “pairing up”;
  4. Testing the system once set up to ensure that all elements are working as expected;
  5. 12 month warranty and call-out service.

We will take the time to walk you through the entire functionality of the doorball, making sure that you are completely comfortable using it. When our team leaves, you will be excited to be waiting for your first visitor so that you can test your new device!

For more information contact our office on 01159420028