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Ironing Service Testimonial

Great service and professional too, it’s nice to see a company that still keeps good relationships with customers and has strong values. Patrick is always so friendly when he comes to drop off our freshly done clothing. They always make my huge amount of ironing vanish!

Kate Pennant – West Bridgford


Recent Testimonial from an Allergy Sufferer

Here’s a recent testimonial provided for us by an allergy and asthma sufferer who used our mattress and carpet cleaning services:

“I had a lot of trouble sleeping, my asthma kept on flaring up in the night, it got to be quite a big issue. Now that I have my mattress and carpets cleaned for dust mites every few months by Mum’s Helping Hands, I rarely have any problems.”

Greg – West Bridgford, Nottingham

Welcome to our new website!

The new Mum’s Helping Hands website was launched today, and should hopefully be very easy for you to navigate.  Welcome to the blog, where I’ll be posting various updates about the company and the website.

New Home Cleaning Testimonial

I recently moved into a house which was absolutely disgusting and after reading the reviews I decided to get a one off clean from Mum’s Helping Hands. I was absolutely amazed with the results and value, they were quick and really nice people. I am thoroughly pleased that my new house is livable again. Thank-you soooo much!

Ellie Perkins – Clifton, Nottingham