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Attention Students!

With now being the time that many rental periods end between academic years, our End of Tenancy packages are the perfect way to get your property back into it’s original condition so that you can get your deposit back. The packages are tailor made, generally include a full clean of the house and all rooms (along with an oven clean if necessary), and are very reasonably priced when split between housemates. Carpet and Upholstery cleaning is also available to help with any difficult stains, marks, or general dirt that the landlord might charge you for.

Article in the Nottingham Evening Post

Over the Christmas period Mum’s Helping Hands were featured in the Nottingham Evening Post. The article can be found here.

jiggy-van evepost

“TWELVE months ago, Jeegisha Dinnall was in hospital recovering from a serious operation in which 90% of her bowels were removed after becoming severely inflamed.

With children aged three and seven to look after and a business to run, Jeegisha called care agencies and doctors in search of help in the home.

But she said she drew a blank and was left alone to “suffer in silence”.

Today, she is back on her feet and has set up a business in a bid to help others in a similar position.

Mum’s Helping Hands, based in Lenton, was her brainchild after she was left weak and tired, with a house to run.

“You just wanted to say, ‘Mum, help!'” she said.

Jeegisha has lost her mum many years ago and, with husband Patrick trying to run their other business, a taxi service for women, she found she had no one else to call on.

But she hopes that others will now be able to call on Mum’s Helping Hands, which offers home support on everything from laundry and cleaning to simple companionship or pet-sitting.

Mrs Dinnall, of Long Eaton, said: “There was no help. I went to my GP but there was no help there. For about two or three months, we really, really suffered.

“You can imagine having to deal with two young children and you’ve got your housework, your business to run.

“I was mobile but I couldn’t do much at all because I would get very tired.”

Her inability to do housework also took its toll, setting back her recovery from the operation. One day, determined to clean her home, she grabbed the rubber gloves and cleaning products and set to work.

But it was too much, too soon and she ended up bleeding heavily and returning to hospital for a fortnight.

“My husband had to do absolutely everything, including looking after me.

“I was hopeless. I couldn’t do anything but, being a woman, you do try. I ended up regretting this because I overdid it and ended back in hospital – not good, I know.

“When I came back the second time, I thought, ‘I’m not doing anything’. I called lots of individual companies to do laundry, cleaning and, by the time I added it up, I couldn’t afford it, so we just suffered in silence.

“I was so furious that there was no help, I started working on Mum’s Helping Hands when I was poorly at home. I wanted to make a difference to people’s lives.”

Now, Jeegisha is successfully running the two businesses.

She said: “We’ve got workers that go around and organise a support plan for people before they’ve been discharged from hospital and then we send someone round according to what’s required.

“It’s going really well.”

Jeegisha set up Mum’s Taxis in 2008, after being stranded on a night out. She had previously worked as a taxi driver herself and realised that there was a gap in the market

To contact Jeegisha and find out more call 0115 9420028.”

Mum’s Helping Hands stretch a long way!

Here’s a new testimonial from a customer we’ve recently worked for:

Mum’s Helping Hands stretch a long way! Living in Kent, I needed a trustworthy organisation that could carry out a deep clean on the Gedling home of a relative who had been admitted to Hospital in an emergency six weeks previously. Following some adaptation to the house and with little notice of the hospital discharge, there was less than 24 hours in which to organise and undertake this challenging cleaning task. From my first phone call Mum’s demonstrated that they posessed the necessary specialist expertise and acted in an extremely professional way to ensure that the clean was completed in time for the relatives return home. I am most grateful for their help and support.

Allergy Friendly Apartment at Cranbrook House

We have now performed out treatment on an apartment at Cranbrook House in Nottingham, here’s what they had to say:

“I am delighted with the service and professionalism of Mum’s Helping Hands. The treatment was carried out quickly but thoroughly at a time that was convenient for us. As Serviced Apartment providers, we are very aware of the issues and concerns our guests may have regarding hygiene and cleanliness in general. It is nice to be able to reassure them that we take their concerns seriously and are striving to deliver a quality service and product that meets these demands. This innovative service certainly helps us to delivers that. Thank you Mum’s Helping Hands.”