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Should I Hire a Professional Handyman?

Well, there is a question that is common to many of us and normally requires a thought or two. For men, it is quite often a pride issue more than anything else. Yes, it can sometimes be difficult to face up to the fact of hiring a professional but not everybody is good at DIY. There are pros and cons to getting a Handyman in to help you out of course and we are going to take a look at some of them now.


Peace of mind

Sit back with complete peace of mind in the knowledge that you have left the job to be done by a professional. You do not have to worry about any of the issues or difficulties he might face when completing the job, or have to deal with the issue out of work hours. You can go out and leave the professional to it and come back to a finished job.

Professional Expertise

With a professional you can be rest assured to get the best advice on how to proceed with the job at hand. Whether that might be what materials should be used, colours, designs etc. The list could go on but one thing is sure, a trained eye could help you make the best decision for work around your home/ workplace.


9 times out of 10 a professional will be able to complete a job faster than a nonprofessional. This is obviously due to the fact that they have the expertise and the skill to get straight into a job rather than learn first how to proceed with the job and then finally get started. Professionals get rid of that level of uncertainty when starting a DIY job and they can get stuck in.



You do the jobs yourself and save some money

So you have opted to do the job yourself and so in turn, you think have saved yourself some money. Well in truth that may be the case short term but by hiring a professional, you are guaranteed to get the job done correctly using the right materials and tools. This halves the chance of the job needing repeating in the future. Then there is the chance that you do more harm than good. This is often the case when someone has half an idea how to fix something and ends up damaging/ making the problem worse, with a professional this is a problem that is not a worry.

There is a stranger in your home

Sometimes having a complete stranger working in your home can be discomforting for people especially if you have to leave them to it on their own and leave the house. At Mum’s we ensure that our Handymen work to the highest level of professionalism, providing a friendly customer service so that you are never put on edge or feel uncomfortable.


At Mum’s, we provide a high quality, friendly and professional Handyman service. We know that DIY is called Do it Yourself for a reason but we think why put yourself through the hassle and aggravation? Visit our Handyman page to see a full list of the services we provide or give us a call on 0115 942 0028 to discuss what we can do for you.


Why do I need to hire an office cleaner?

Your business image is everything. A clean, well-presented office presents a good image to visiting clients, and can even boost office morale. If you’re wondering why you need to hire a professional office cleaning company though, we’re here to tell you.

Save Time

At some point, your office will need cleaning. That’s a simple fact. Without regular cleaning, not only will your company image suffer, but there is a wide range of potential health risks for your team too.

When it comes to cleaning your office, you could do it yourself, or ask your team members to chip in. But, is that really a productive use of time?

With a professional office cleaner, you can sit back and do your job whilst they do theirs. Mum’s Helping Hands pride ourselves on our flexibility, so we can send out a cleaner to fit your schedule. If you don’t want a cleaner there during working hours, that’s no problem.

More Productivity

In addition to saving time, a clean office will transmit less of those pesky germs that make your team ill. And we all know that illness is the biggest killer of productivity. When office cleaning is done to a high standard, you should see a noticeable difference in your team.

Studies suggest that a clean office also boosts team morale, increasing productivity by as much as 30%. A clean office means happy workers. Happy workers mean a more productive office.

An office cleaner will do the job right

You wouldn’t choose an unqualified/inexperienced person to run any other part of your office, so why is the cleaning any different? There is much more to office cleaning than you might consider, but each one of our professional office cleaners is fully trained and licensed to make sure that your office is up to standard.

Want to speak to Mum’s Helping Hands about our office cleaning services? Get in touch today!

Mum’s Helping Hands in Best Cleaning Companies In Nottingham

Best Cleaning Services in Nottingham

Mum’s Helping Hands have recently been recognised as one of the top three cleaning companies in Nottingham!

Three Best Rated are a company that check through a company’s ratings, reviews, trustworthiness and services to choose the “Three Best” companies within an industry. Their goal is to collect information on the best businesses in each city to make it easier for you to find excellence in your local area.

Mum’s Helping Hands’ customer reviews, and the service we provide, have earned us recognition as a “trustworthy business”, and amongst the three best cleaning services in Nottingham.

The fact that this has come shortly after being mentioned as one of the best carpet cleaning companies in Nottingham is a great honour, and shows that Mum’s Helping Hands’ reputation for providing a quality, reliable and trustworthy service continues to grow.

If you want to see our ranking, and how we stack up against other cleaning companies, visit Three Best Rated.

To see our full range of services, and find out why we’ve been recognised as one of the leading cleaning companies in Nottingham, check out our cleaning services.

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Congratulations Mum’s Helping Hands

Exploring The Best Carpet Cleaning Companies In Nottingham

Congratulations Mum’s Helping Hands Ltd again on making it into my Best Cleaning Service in Nottingham area!

Sometimes your carpets need a bit of assistance from dear old mum. This is where Mum’s Helping Hands comes into play. This business originated in 2008 and hasn’t looked back since. From that point forward, they’ve become a member of the UKHCA, as well as the Federation of Small Businesses. The company offers all of the services that you would expect from a carpet cleaning company and then some. For instance, they offer after builders cleaning, window cleaning and property maintenance.

Their services do not stop there either. They also off mould removal, dog walking and fireproofing. The company’s services have received majorly favorable reviews and were recently credited for their impressive ironing service. Be sure to check them out further today!


6 ways to exercise your dog when you can’t go on a walk

If your movement is restricted or you don’t have time, you don’t want to deprive your dog of the exercise it needs. Here’s six ways to exercise your dog without walking them. To enquire about our dog walking and pet sitting services, contact us today.

dog walking

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