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Preparing your Garden for the winter

So you don’t know how you should keep on top of your garden this winter, Should you worry?Probably- a little. With winter just round the corner, its time to get that garden sorted!

Well, look no further. We are going to explain how you can keep on top of your garden this winter.Keeping your garden, even a small one, green and healthy all year round can be hard work for the best of us. Here are ten tips to help you keep your garden healthy.

Bad weather can make it feel like noting can be done in the garden but there is plenty to attend to. Just pick a good day and get started.

Winter Weeds

Continue pulling out those weeds!Pull them out while they are still young before they form seeds. If they already have seed heads, don’t mix the weeds with the compost.

Winter Lawn

Grass may appear to have stopped growing in the fall but the roots are growing deeper into the ground as preparation for winter.This is the best time to fertilize and reseed your lawn.

Fertilize the lawn during early autumn and then in the last week of November. The two feedings will help boost the grass immunity to frost and snow.

Plant bulbs, tree and shrubs

It is best to plant bulbs early fall for that root growth. Mulch should be applied over the bulbs to level the soil temperature and help in root growth.

Clean up the garden before winter

Why is there a need to clean up the garden?

Not cleaning up your garden in winter means there would be a lot of work to do when spring comes.Pull out those weeds, mow the lawn, remove dry and decayed leaves and add them to the compost. Take out bulbs like dahlias from the ground and dry them before storing them in a cool and dry place for winter.

Look after wildlife

Winter can be tough on garden wildlife, so it’s always good to give them a helping hand where possible. It’s worth making places for creatures to find refuge.


Busy Parents Cleaning Guide

The Busy Parent’s Cleaning Guide

No matter how hard you try, there’s always something to clean and tidy, especially when you’re a busy parent.

We’ve created a guide to help you keep on top of things, and also some advice if it’s all a bit too much!


Create a list of what needs doing, putting what needs doing more imminently at the top, and what can wait at the bottom. Then go down the list, completing each task in order.


If you have a partner, or children who are old enough to help out, delegate your tasks. When doing the washing up, get someone to dry up and put away. Get your children used to helping out with chores and they may even do some without even being asked.


There will be some tasks that will allow you to do other tasks in the process. For example, whilst something is cooking in the over, get started on the dishes or take the bins out when you’re heading out.

Little and Often

One of the best ways to keep on top of your cleaning, is by doing little and often. This will mean you’re less likely to need to do a big house clean which could take up a whole day. Change your mindset from, ‘Oh I’ll do it later’ to ‘I’ll quickly do it now and I won’t have to later.’

Still Struggling?

If you’re still struggling to keep on top of it all, even with this advice, we do offer a variety of services that could really help.

One-off House Cleaning

We can come over and do a top to toe clean up of your home. This is popular for post party mess or even prior to an event coming up.

Maid Service

If you think you need more regular help, we can offer a maid service to complete daily tasks for you from regular domestic cleaning, to preparing meals and walking the dog.

Ironing Service

Ironing is one of the most dreaded tasks as it’s fairly time consuming and can require a bit more skill. We can take this off your hands, either by doing it at your home, or by collecting it and dropping it back off when it’s convenient for you.

How to take care of your carpets

Get the lowdown on carpet cleaning with these 4 top tips.

carpet cleaning

Carpets offer a warm and homely touch to your house, so when they get dirty they can really pull down the appearance of your home.

You might be thinking that you could clean your carpets yourself. You might even be considering replacing your carpets, which quite simply is very expensive – you can’t replace a carpet every 12-18 months.

Both options aren’t great if you want to prolong the lifespan of your carpets and rugs cost effectively and for as long as possible.

There’s no need to worry, these top tips will give you a great head start in carpet cleaning.

  1. Use a doormat

Mats placed outside and inside your house at entrance points can stop you treading dirt into your carpets.

  1. Remember to vacuum

Your carpets should be vacuumed once a week and more often in areas of high traffic. Use a nozzle attachment to clean hard to reach areas, like the edges of carpets.

If cleaning isn’t really your think, then luckily for you, we’re on hand to help!

  1. Natural stain relief

Remove wine or grease stains from your carpet by lightly sprinkling the stain with baking soda and dab, adding a little extra if appropriate. Leave soaking until the wine is absorbed, and then vacuum up any residue left.

  1. Give your carpets the deep clean

A dirty carpet doesn’t just look bad, but it also poses a health risk. Carpets can hold a cluster of allergens, trapping pollen, dust and pet hair that over time will affect the health of you and your family.

Regularly hiring a professional cleaner (every 6-18 months) will reduce allergens, improve your health and help prolong the life of your expensive carpets and upholstery. All carpets, rugs and upholstery are different and are made up of different fibres, so a professional cleaning service is crucial because they’ll know how to the appropriate solution to treat each type of stain.

Nothing can beat a professional cleaning service in removing soiling and stains, which can guarantee a thorough deep clean.

We provide professional and affordable carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services in Nottingham, Leicester and Derby. Get in touch on 0115 942 0028 today to see how we can help you!

4 Top Tips to Maximise the Price of your Property

maximise price of your property with cleaning - mum's helping hands

4 top tips to maximise the price of your property

Is your property for sale? If so, you’ll no doubt be making every effort to maximise the value of your home. In theory this sounds like a great idea, but how do you actually do this? Worry no more, these tips will give you a perfect starting platform to squeeze every last penny from your sale.

Make a lasting first impression

Don’t be fooled, first impressions are massively important when it comes to persuading buyers to part company with their hard-earned money. An unattractive exterior is likely to put off potential investors before they’ve even set foot through the door. You can add to the value of a house by improving its exterior, with such methods including:

• Repainting anything that is likely to catch immediate attention, including doors, windows, bricks and walls

• Replacing damaged features such as old garage doors, windows and cracked or broken cladding

Fix even the smallest of defects

Whilst small defects might not appear important to the value of a property, a collection of ugly features can prevent it from selling at its optimum price. Any DIY enthusiast can fix many of these issues. Such defects include:

• Broken door latches

• Smelly sewers

• Dripping taps

• Shoddy paint work

• Mouldy sealant in both the kitchen and the bathroom/s

• Sticking doors and windows

The market will always look favourably upon an attractively decorated and styled property. Whilst it’s impossible to estimate the exact increase in value due to cosmetic improvements, it is likely to add on around 5-10% to the overall value of a property.

Garden makeover or garden maintenance?

There are two ways in which you can tackle this one. Conduct a complete restructure of your garden, or simply carry out the basics if you’re working towards a tighter budget.

The garden can be a wonderful place for celebration, relaxation and so much more, so it really deserves some attention. Add value to your property by ensuring it is attractive, tidy and impressively designed. Consider adding fences and trees to create a feeling of privacy and seclusion. Create specific areas for those celebrations, social gatherings and times for relaxation. Actions such as these will build the perception of useable living space within the garden which is likely to add value.

If restructuring the garden isn’t an option, ensure it is well maintained. This includes carrying out the basics, such as removing litter or dead plants, weeding, lawn cutting, repairing the lawn to leave a healthy green glow, cutting back shrubs and trees that have become overgrown, and adding a bit of colour and interest with carefully selected plants.

Thorough domestic clean

Before even contemplating having potential buyers round for viewings, ensure the whole house has been cleaned from top to bottom. A dirty and untidy house will no doubt put off any potential buyers, so this last step is vitally important. We’re all aware that cleaning can be a monotonous and soul-destroying task but think of the long-term goal; this is a small sacrifice that will allow you to buy your new dream home. If cleaning really isn’t your thing, luckily there are wonderful people who will take on these cleaning jobs for you!

To Bleach or Not To Bleach!?

Should we really be using bleach to clean around the house?

When there are so many alternatives to bleach coming about and new home made recipes is it about time that we adapted and began changing the products we use?

I mean, of course there are upsides to using bleach; it is an amazing disinfectant, you can get instant results and it is guaranteed to kill germs and bacteria. It holds so many different purposes and uses around the house that it is almost silly to think about not using it.

Using bleach can remove the toughest of stains on glass cookware (there is always that burnt bit of pasta bake that refuses to let go) and will make them shine like they’ve never shone before! Still got that mark on the toilet from the previous owners that is staring you down in the constant battle of cleaning? Bleach can get rid of that for you; maybe not instantly but definitely over time, you’ll win the war. After a long day of working in the garden those tools just look like they’ve been beaten and attacked, when in fact they’ve been doing the attacking. Show those tools whose boss and let them soak in watered down bleach and you are good to defend your flower borders next time you’re out there.

While you are outside in the garden, dilute some bleach with water in a spray bottle, spritz some on your garden bricks or slabs and use a brush to really clean them. Just hose away afterwards and your garden will look fabulous and it should also help keep the weeds at bay.

Using bleach may seem like a good option, but there are also other things you have to think about.

With children around it is vital that you properly rinse away any remaining product that could be left on surfaces. You must also be very careful not to get it on your skin as you are using it. It is extremely irritating, especially to the eyes.

It has also been shown that children who grow up in houses regularly cleaned with bleach are more prone to illnesses such as the flu and tonsillitis. With an environment so clean it hinders the development of their immune system making them more susceptible to germs outside of the home. We all know that the smell of bleach isn’t terribly pleasant and is hard to get out of the house, even with all the windows open.

So what are the alternatives?

There are so many new cleaning products on the market that are just as effective AND do not contain bleach. They can be found in supermarkets, smaller retail shops and even your corner shop. We have our very own eco friendly product that is perfect for de-greasing any surface whether it be the oven, the hobs, or the counters. 

Why not have a go at making your own?

Do you eat oranges? How about instead of throwing away the peel, put them in a jar and when the jar is full, add white vinegar, then leave it either in the cupboard or on the counter for 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks, simply dilute with water in a spray bottle and clean away!

There are so many other household items that can be used such as lemon juice, orange juice, baking soda, cream of tartar. All can be utilised in the right way to make great alternative products that can be used to clean. You can also add essential oils to any mixture which will add a pleasant fragrance and possible health benefits.

Give it ago yourself!