I heard about Mum’s Helping Hands Ironing service from several friends of mine who highly recommended your service. You did a great job on all my ironing thanks. Please make sure you tell the cleaning lady how pleased I was with her cleaning also.

Rob Delarue
Nottingham City Centre

Great service and professional too, it’s nice to see a company that still keeps good relationships with customers and has strong values. Patrick is always so friendly when he comes to drop off our freshly done clothing. They always make my huge amount of ironing vanish!

Kate Pennant
West Bridgford

I had a lot of trouble sleeping, my asthma kept on flaring up in the night, it got to be quite a big issue. Now that I have my mattress and carpets cleaned for dust mites every few months by Mum’s Helping Hands, I rarely have any problems.

West Bridgford, Nottingham

I have been using Mum’s Helping Hands Cleaning Service for several of months now as part of my business of turning around rental properties to new tenants. I have found them and their team to be professional and ready to accommodate, even on short notice. Their service has been exemplary and I would highly recommend their service to anyone.

Keith Knowles
Lenton, Nottingham

I have been looking for a trustworthy cleaner in my area for some time now. I found Mum’s Helping Hands, and found that the staff are professional and very helpful. I fell ill sometime ago and was unable to pick my daughter from school, luckily they had there own taxi company, Mum’s Cars which has helped me tremendously.

Cindy Melbourne
Mapperley, Nottingham

I have a very busy work schedule that prevents me from cleaning my own house, and I can honestly say that I could not do it as well as Mums Helping Hands.

Alex Whitaker
Ruddington, Nottingham

Initially we contacted Mum’s Helping Hands to help us on a temporary basis and they were extremely efficient and instantly found us someone to help. Now they work for us on a permanent basis and it is a joy to walk into such a clean office every day.

Darren Thomas
Blue Telecommunications

Mum’s Helping Hands has providing our cleaning for a few months, we are delighted with the service. Janet is always reliable and trustworthy and we look forward to having her every week. We are unable to get out the house, and we have our pension collected and some shopping done as well.

Phyllis Ball
Bilborough, Nottingham

What a unique service. I had just come out of hospital after a major operation, and I felt very hopeless could not do anything around my house. Thanks go to Mums Helping Hands, who solved my problems in one go. They did all my cleaning and ironing, which I hate anyway. I found them very professional and would recommend them to anyone.

Maxine Pearson
Long Eaton, Nottingham

I recently moved into a house which was absolutely disgusting and after reading the reviews I decided to get a one off clean from Mum’s Helping Hands. I was absolutely amazed with the results and value, they were quick and really nice people. I am thoroughly pleased that my new house is livable again. Thank-you soooo much!

Ellie Perkins
Clifton, Nottingham

Mums Helping Hands has recently taken over the cleaning of our office. I have been very happy with the quality of their cleaning and the service they have provided for us, especially with our individual requirements.

Elizabeth Allen
Kier Marriott

Recently Mum’s Helping Hands came to our nursery to fully sanitise our Baby Room, and we’re very thankful that they did. They were very friendly people, very professional while working, and they did an awful lot for us. This included cleaning carpets, mattresses, and even our stuffed toys which the kids play with all the time. They used a number of different methods for cleaning that I hadn’t seen before, had some very fancy equipment, and they certainly knew what they were doing.

I had heard of a friend having improvements in their allergies after having had their mattress professionally cleaned, and so we were especially interested in how getting rid of the dust mites can help any children with asthma or eczema. They were very thorough and seemed to go over every inch of anywhere they thought the mites might be hiding.

I’m very happy with what they’ve done for us, so I think we’ll definitely be having this special kind of cleaning again done in the future. As well as knowing everything is a lot more hygienic for our children, everything simply smells fresher too. Now I feel a lot more confident that we can provide a clean and hygienic environment for the kids to spend their time in, and we’re glad to be able to say we have a room that’s “hypoallergenic”.

Teresa Palagano
NUNU Nursery
Long Eaton

I would just like to say that Mum’s Helping Hands are a fantastic agency. I have used them for domestic cleaning while I have been very busy and have found them to be extremely reliable, efficient, and very pleasant to deal with. Thanks!

Catriona Moroney

I am delighted with the service and professionalism of Mum’s Helping Hands. The treatment was carried out quickly but thoroughly at a time that was convenient for us. As Serviced Apartment providers, we are very aware of the issues and concerns our guests may have regarding hygiene and cleanliness in general. It is nice to be able to reassure them that we take their concerns seriously and are striving to deliver a quality service and product that meets these demands. This innovative service certainly helps us to delivers that. Thank you Mum’s Helping Hands.

Denise Purser
Sales and Operations Manager, Cranbrook House Serviced Apartments

Mum’s Helping Hands stretch a long way! Living in Kent, I needed a trustworthy organisation that could carry out a deep clean on the Gedling home of a relative who had been admitted to Hospital in an emergency six weeks previously. Following some adaptation to the house and with little notice of the hospital discharge, there was less than 24 hours in which to organise and undertake this challenging cleaning task. From my first phone call Mum’s demonstrated that they posessed the necessary specialist expertise and acted in an extremely professional way to ensure that the clean was completed in time for the relatives return home. I am most grateful for their help and support.

P Bourne

I just want to let you know how much we love Olcay and that we really just wouldn’t cope without her. I’m sure she has a nightmare every week as the place is always a complete state – we’re trying to get the place ready to sell which means boxes and bags of stuff everywhere! But every Friday I come home to an immaculately clean house and the chaos is slightly easier to handle as a result. She’s a star!!

West Bridgford

I’m a landlord in Lenton with a number of houses for students from the university. Most of them leave the houses in a bit of a mess, nothing too difficult for me to handle, but this year one was left in absolutely disgusting condition. It looked like it was straight out of How Clean Is Your House. There was no way I could dream of dealing with this by myself as usual so I decided to get in a cleaning company for a bit of help. I had a number of different companies come out to give quotes (would have called Kim and Aggie if I could), and Mum’s Helping Hands seemed the most professional by far. After booking in with them I was a little cautious when I noticed a highly negative review here on Google, but the strength of the other reviews convinced me to stick with them and I’m glad I did.

On the day they turned up 10 minutes early with three cleaners, all of the equipment they’d need, and the manager who provided me with the quote also attended to brief the staff to ensure everything ran smoothly. I was shocked when I was telephoned to tell me to come down to the property just five hours later, and upon entry the whole place was spotless, even the lingering smell had gone. I could have let the next years students move in right there and then, and I have my suspicions that they removed and replaced the oven because there’s no way that it could have been cleaned to that condition after how the last year’s lot had left it.

Unfortunately that was the last of my houses that I dealt with this year, but next year I’ll be using this company for all seven of them. It seems foolish not to with how easy they made what is usually an annual ordeal for me.

I am sorry to read the negative review but my experience with this company was nothing like that and it seems very hard to believe. I am definately going to use this company again and will be recommending them. In fact I’ve told my sister all about it and she’s now using them to come in once a fortnight to clean the communal areas of a student property she owns here. This is her first year letting, and I think she might have got a bit scared of how it might end up after seeing some photos I took before Mum’s Helping Hands worked their magic.

Lee Barnard
Lenton, Nottingham